•  Al Arabiya Al Hadath began broadcasting on January 12th 2012, as an extension of Al Arabiya News Channel, with an aim of presenting round-the-clock coverage of the broadest spectrum of developments and events taking shape across the region and the rest of the world.
  • Al Arabiya Al Hadath will extend a comprehensive outlook, offering extensive live coverage of developments and events as they take place, from across the region, the Arab world, as well as the rest of the globe.
  • The Channel will cover politics, business and finance, breaking news and sports, amongst a variety of other topics, which will be coupled with in-depth studio analysis featuring high profile guests, in addition to the channel’s correspondents in the field.
  • The Channel aims to re-define standards for news coverage and broadcasting excellence, breaking-free from conventional formats to create new benchmarks for television programming, where viewers are assured of uninterrupted coverage of events without any overlap of other news. In addition, the Channel will allow its guests and presenters quality time to deliver their analysis, with the aim of providing truly impartial news coverage, which is characterized by subjectivity.
  • Apart from its dedicated focus on live coverage and special analysis, Al Arabiya Al Hadath will also be broadcasting key content featured on Al Arabiya News Channel.
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